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Boutique Gym Design London

We have been designing gyms for over 10 years, working on both home and corporate super gyms designs.

We listen to clients training goals and understand both the techniques and equipment required to achieve them. Whether you are an individual or a business, a training space must motivate and complement your objectives. This is where we can help.

We offer a personalised service as every client is different. Tell us what you imagine, what you want to achieve with your space and your budget. We will work with you to make it happen.

We bring expert knowledge of Zoning, Functional Design, Equipment and Flooring. For businesses, we can also offer advice on decor, lighting and brand continuity across information points and signage.

When it comes to design, we think outside the box to create your own unique space, maximising your equipment and workout zones.

With state of the art graphic designers we can deliver your vision of a dream gym in the virtual world and also the real world.

Gym Portfolio

Our current project is a unique film studio based in Wimbledon, London. So far we have laid out some basic equipment, watch this space as the lasers and bungee cords are due to go in.

Mayfair / Westminster London - Gym Design Build

New York / Soho fitness studio - Gym Design Build

Chelsea, London - Gym Design Build

Shorditch, London - private members gym

Chelsea, London - Home Gym Design

Wimbledon, London - Gym Design Build

Lake Garda, Italy - Hotel gym design and build

We factor in the below key points:

Effective gyms will place their equipment into different zones.

Picking the right floor depends on what type of equipment you have in your gym, and what its used for.

There is a particular balance that is needed when designing a gyms decor.

Signage and branding
We can also help you advertise your gym with signage information points and general brand continuity.

We offer the personal service as a small boutique each client is different and has different needs, we excel in our customer service and is second to none.

Functional design
Functional areas are becoming increasingly popular within modern gyms.

Gyms starting from £999

Our excellent customer service, provides you with the assurance we will deliver on our promises. We also offer the option to follow up / maintain your gym.

Nick has been training clients and designing gyms for over 15 years.

From his experience in LA, New York and London he has seen and built it all at the same time, building a following for his own personal training clients that's second to none.

For more information and to arrange a free consultation please fill in the contact form answering the questions in full.

We look forward in making your vision come to life.

Platinum Gym Design
Mobile: 07788 255048

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